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Stew-India helps to Generate leads from your ads, Sign-up users for your loyalty program, Live event polls etc using a missed call number. Follow the missed call with a SMS or a call from your sales team. Responses for a missed call number are 10 times more as compared to a regular phone number. Especially for the consumers who are not present on the internet and helps in collecting feedback.

Missed Calls service in Business

Missed call services are a telecommunication feature that allows individuals or businesses to receive calls without actually answering them. Instead of answering the call, the system registers the call as a "missed call" and can trigger certain actions or provide automated responses to the caller. Missed call services are commonly used for various purposes, such as lead generation, customer engagement, verification, and callback services.The usage of missed call services can vary based on specific requirements. Here are a few common applications

Lead generation: Businesses use missed call services to generate leads by asking potential customers to give a missed call to a specific number. The business can then capture the caller's phone number and initiate follow-up actions like callbacks or sending promotional messages.

Customer engagement: Missed call services enable businesses to engage with their customers by allowing them to register for promotions, vote in polls or surveys, participate in contests, or subscribe to services, simply by giving a missed call.

Verification and authentication: Missed call services can be utilized for user verification or authentication purposes. By asking users to give a missed call from their registered phone number, businesses can validate user identities or confirm their phone numbers.

Callback services: Missed call services can trigger automatic callbacks to the callers, ensuring prompt communication and reducing costs for both businesses and customers.The pricing of missed call services can vary depending on several factors

Service provider: Different telecommunication service providers or software providers offer missed call services with varying pricing models. It is recommended to compare the rates and packages of different providers to find the most suitable option.

Call volume: The pricing may be influenced by the number of missed calls or call attempts you expect to receive within a specific timeframe. Higher call volumes may result in higher costs.

Additional features: Some service providers offer additional features like real-time analytics, CRM integration, API access, or customized workflows, which may come at an additional cost or be included in premium packages.

Geographic coverage: The pricing may also vary based on the geographical coverage of the missed call service, especially for international or cross-border usage.It's important to note that pricing information can change over time, and different providers may have different pricing structures. It's advisable to consult with specific service providers or visit their websites to get accurate and up-to-date pricing details for missed call services.